The wait is over!

Vector Bullets is very proud to be in the firearms business and now providing first quality new .224 bullets to the market! We are excited to announce that our manufacturing facility is up and operating and that the long wait for our production is over! We are excited to announce that our manufacturing facility and materials are ready and the long wait for our production equipment is finally over! The production equipment is being delivered and while we take a few weeks to make sure we are making one of the best M193 bullets out there you should see Vector Bullets loaded in your 223 ammo very soon.

Thanks to everyone who has patiently waited for Vector Bullets production to be available. We will begin shipping Vector Bullets production in November and will initially focus on filling OEM orders that have been patiently waiting for us. Our goal is still to provide bullets to as many manufactures as possible and once we are running will be adding additional shifts to keep up with strong demand. Please call or e-mail with your questions about pricing, quantities and availability. A valid manufacturers FFL is needed for orders to be placed.

We will again be attending the 2014 SHOT Show and are proud NSSF members. The SHOT SHOW is a wonderful venue and shows how strong our industry is. Although Vector Bullets will not have a booth at the show we would love to meet you at SHOT show 2014 so we can introduce ourselves to those of you who face the challenge of finding quality components for your commercial loading operations. Please call or e-mail so we can schedule a meeting at the 2014 SHOT Show. Dan Dorman-Owner & Manager.

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Vector Bullets was inspired by lifetime shooters, hunters and reloaders on the principal of providing quality center fire projectiles at value pricing. With the strong demand today for quality components we are proud to help supply that needed.

Company Information

Vector Bullets was founded by shooters, hunters and reloaders who understands the necessity of using quality components. Vector Bullets is commited to providing quality projectiles manufactured in the United States.


Vector Bullet's produces 5.56mm/.224 inch, 55 grain full metal jacket projectiles. Additional Vector Bullet weights and calibers will be produced as customer demand provides. A copy of your valid Manufacturers Federal Firearms Licenses is required for placement of orders.